Items Popup Menu

Right-click an object from the list in the Items tab from the Campaign Manager to display this menu. You can also edit the items with the Items Editor . The menu is nearly identical to that displayed in the Main Window's Items Pop-up Menu .

Giving Items to Creatures

Your PCs bravely fight the dragon and now can haul the treasure home. Right-click on each item and select “Give Item To”, then click on the PC who takes that item. It will be added to his list (see the Items List ), and a note in the “Found By” column will remind you of who got what. This is most useful for magic items that are not yet identified – you will need to keep track of their effects for the PC.

If you want to give the item to someone other than a PC, select him/her in the Main Window first. Then, when you right-click the item in the Campaign Manager, the first name will be that of the selected creatures – allowing you to give items to anyone.

From this menu you can also put items in the Random Treasure window.

Mundane/Magical/Psionic Item

Select the correct menu to set the item as magical, psionic or mundane (neither psionic nor magical). The color of the item in the list will adjust accordingly.

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